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30 2011

Growing Sense of Compassion for People in Fukushima

I feel very much that I want to do something for Fukushima other than monetary donations. My thoughts grow stronger every day. I wrote about people in Fukushima the other day. Electricity produced from the nuclear plant was used in Kanto region, and we, people in the capital sphere, have inflicted the unreasonable risk on them. Now the victims of the earthquake and tsunami bear an extremely large burden of the nuclear accident: the forced evacuation, the limitation of outdoor activity, the radioactive pollution, and harmful rumor of Fukushima’s and neighboring prefectures’ products.

The other day, I found Minato Ward, my hometown that is one of the 23 special wards that make up the core part of Tokyo, collects several kinds of aid supplies, as requested by Iwaki City, from inhabitants of the ward from March 23rd to 31st. I didn’t know that, but the ward has a sister city relationship with Iwaki. Two towns also conclude an agreement for mutual assistance in natural disasters.

Iwaki City is located in the southeastern corner of Fukushima Prefecture, adjoining Ibaraki Prefecture to the south. It’s affected by the tragic disasters and the nuclear accident.

I visited Iwaki City’s HP and found they especially lack retort-packed and canned food. The hysterical townspeople bought up these items just after the earthquake, and they are still sold out at many supermarkets. I scared up them in the picture by going from shop to shop.

Some of foods I brought in

A Yamanashi-based bus company running community bus in Minato Ward cooperates with the aid: the bus lines are available free of charge if we tell a driver that we are on the way to or from sports center, a collecting site of the supplies. My sister suggested I pay bus fare by myself, but I thought I’d better accept the offer because the company wants to work in complete solidarity with the inhabitants and support Iwaki City.

Iwaki3 Iwaki4
I gave the word and took a free trip to and from the collecting site.

City officials of Iwaki deliver the supplies to their town every day.


Every little bit helps. I think it’s important to join hands with each other.
I ought to check it out this kind of activities frequently.

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