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29 2011

Sakura, Same as Usual

On March 28th , the Meteorological Office declared that someiyoshino (染井吉野, the most common type of cherry trees in Japan) had opened in Tokyo. The cherry tree in this photo is a fastest blooming tree, which isn’t someiyoshino, in my neighborhood. It’s blooming beautifully this year, too.

cherry blossoms1

Saigyo (西行, 1118 - 1190), a Buddhist monk, was a famous Japanese poet.
Here is his cherry-blossoms-related Waka poem, which fits this year's cherry-blossom viewing.

"花にそむ 心のいかで 残りけむ 捨てはててきと 思ふわが身に"

I wonder why I’m still impressed with cherry blossoms. I think I gave up my attachment to earthly concerns.(花に感動する心がどうして残っているのだろうか。世俗への執着を捨て去ったはずのこの身なのに)
Translated by Kinakinw

It was a beautiful sunny day in Tokyo on March 28th, 2011.

cherry blossoms2

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