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27 2011

World Figure Skating Championships 2011 that Never Took Place


It's school graduation season in Japan where the new term begins in April.
Though many universities called off a ceremony because of concern about an aftershock and cost savings (they will make donations to afflicted people), I see some female students wearing Hakama (袴, skirtlike trousers that are worn over a kimono) on the street. Hakama are popular costume for a graduation ceremony among female college students.

During this period, I was supposed to enjoy watching the World Figure Skating Championships in Tokyo. As you may know, JSF (Japan Skating Federation) declined hosting the Championships in Japan, and it’ll be held in Moscow/Russia, on April 24-May 1, 2011.


I think it was impossible for JSF to host the Championships in Japan and they should have given up sooner. Even without the nuclear accident in Fukushima to add to scary emotions, this is no time for the sporting event. The cataclysmic catastrophe is still going on. What's happening now is that some victims of the Great Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake staying in temporary shelters still cannot get enough food and medical care because of extensiveness of the afflicted areas.

I was so stoked about the event and very well prepared for watching it’s live broadcasting, but since the catastrophe occurred I haven't been able to think of it. Even so, I checked ISU’s (International Skating Union) HP and saw what was going on, and I felt, I must say that, ISU seemed only interested in their business. Then now I’m losing interest in the Championships itself.

The skaters are working hard and getting ready for the Championships, so I hope I’ll have a feeling of figure skating by the end of next month.

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