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24 2011

Haneda International Terminal


My sister and I visited my cousin in Yokohama yesterday, and then, on the way home, we made a short visit to Haneda International Airport being motivated by its international terminal that was completed in October 2010.

Though main international airport is Narita airport that is about 60 km away from an inner urban area, now 18 airlines operate international flights arriving and departing at Haneda. American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have just started to operate flights to New York and Detroit, respectively, since last month. I can get to it within 40 minutes from home, so I’d like to use this neighboring airport next time if there is an appropriate fright.

What I wanted to see was an area called Edo Komichi (江戸小路) , a life-size re-creation of a street from the Edo period (1603-1868) that contains restaurants and shops, on its fourth floor. There are shops selling Japanese-inspired nifty gadgets other than practical items, so it’s a perfect place to get souvenirs before a flight.


Haneda3 Haneda4

Anyway, there weren’t much people there.
I think this isn’t only because number of flights is limited, but also because many Japanese refrain voluntarily from overseas traveling at this time and there are few foreign tourists.

I hope someday the terminal will be crowded with tourists again in the near future.

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