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22 2011

Congratulations on Getting Married


Yesterday (March 21,2011) I attended a wedding held at Kandamyoujin (神田明神, a Shinto shrine located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan). The bride and groom are alumni of my university and graduate school.
昨日(3.21, 2011)は神田明神で行われた友人の結婚式に出席しました。新郎、新婦とも大学、大学院の同窓生。

They discussed whether to have the wedding as scheduled or not until the last minute. It’s in the immediate aftermath of the great earthquake and tsunami, which are still destabilizing our country. That was understandable because though the aftershock activity has settled down, it might not be a good timing to invite people from various regions in Japan unfavorable timing to get the people together.

However, I was glad they have it.
Especially in a time like this, I was happy that I could celebrate the beginning of their new life.

An attendance, a native of Iwate Prefecture, said it was delightful to be able to gather for the celebration and now that we gathered, we had to enjoy ourselves.

I felt the same way and enjoyed the marriage ceremony and subsequent party.

Kandamyoujin that has a history of nearly 1,300 years was the tutelary god of Edo (the former name of Tokyo) during Edo period (1603 – 1868), and now it’s the protectorate god of Chiyoda area.

During the Shinto-style wedding, I asked Kandamyoujin to protect not only Tokyo but also the whole country.

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