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20 2011

People in Azabu, Regular Life

On March 20,2011, it was such a beautiful sunny day in Tokyo.
Now is in the middle of Higan (お彼岸, a week-long Buddhist ceremony in two periods of seven days with the middle day falling on the spring or autumn equinox). My town in which there are many temples was full with people visiting their ancestral graves. That was a common Higan day even if transients (foreign residents) and sightseers disappear or not.

Our family grave is one of temples in Azabu, and my sister and I visited it with my aunts and cousin and then had lunch at a well-established soba noodle shop, Sarashina horii, on the way home.

Higan1 Higan2
I ordered thick-sliced soba (buckwheat noodle), but I recommend regular one….

Walking through my hometown, I noticed something.
Locals live a decent life without making a fuss: getting to a supermarket as usual, going about business as usual, taking a dog for a walk as usual.
Locals, including me, communicate with each other more closely than ever before. We cheerfully say hello to each other and catch up on each other's news after the earthquake on a street corner.

In the unexpected way, I come as a fresh reminder that after all, people forming Azabu called a “fashionable town” ARE NOT some residents who scrambled to escape or fashionable customers at fashionable restaurants but locals who are everyday people.

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