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17 2011

Things Haven't been the Same since Great Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake

It’s a cold night, and the snow is falling thick and fast in afflicted areas.
My house is also cold because we don’t turn on the heat for saving on electricity. Now, All nuclear plants Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has carried out a planned power outage, few-hour rolling blackouts in rotation by regional blocks, in the Kanto area except the main part of Tokyo due to nuclear plants shutdown.

My district, Azabu, isn’t a geographical area of the outage, and we have a gas heater, too. However, we don't feel like using them thinking about a great number of people spending freezing night in shelters, engaging in sleepless supportive activities and desperately coping with the nuclear accident in Fukushima. My sister and I wear down jackets, gather in the living room and spending time with the minimum light.

Since the disaster of earthquake and tsunami happened, I’ve felt as if I relive the experiences of victims, beyond sympathy. I’m there for them and their hearts loaded down with grief. I inwardly hug each one of them on TV. I surprise how deeply I have a deep sense of empathy for them.
Then, I have been doing a lot of thinking about subsequent abnormal occurrences and people involved in them.

I think the hardships put us to the test.

gasoline line
Who really needs gas now?

empty rack
Who really needs food now?


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