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12 2011

The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, 2011.3.11, 14:46

I stayed at home yesterday, as I had a cold.
When horizontal oscillation started, become bigger on some level and lasted longer than expected, I thought a major earthquake struck faraway place. Many Japanese know by experiences that if there are big succussatory movements, a hypocenter is close. I turned on TV and since then stared at the TV screen for over six hours.

The most destructive shaking here in Azabu, Tokyo was smaller than that I experienced before, but it was simply extraordinary that after the first one, earthquakes, which were slightly smaller, continuously struck. I'd never been in a situation like that. Several tens of seconds after live footages of aftershocks from a local TV station, my house started shaking. That situation lasted few hours. It was so extraordinary.


Maybe most of you’ve already known that.
The strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan, The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake (8.8-magnitude earthquake: the epicenter was Sanriku, offshore seabed of Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures) rocked the Tohoku region coast yesterday. Subsequent aftershocks seemed unusual: Along with Japan trench (crustal plate boundary), the epicenters of subsequent earthquakes (around 7-magnitudes) went southward. Each aftershock could be called “a major earthquake.”

The death toll is likely to surpass 1,000, which I'd hate to think.
Major cause of the death wasn’t earthquakes itself but the major tsunami waves of a once-in-a-century 5-to-10-meter scale. I was shocked to watch live footages from a media’s helicopter. The tsunami wave came with debris and engulfed fields, houses and cars. That occurred in Natori City located in the south of Sendai City, where one of my cousins lives (the cousin and her house is OK).


As a citizen of this quake-prone country, I’d been prepared for such a catastrophe on the TV, but the overall toll is way beyond my preparation. The tsunami attacked expanse of the Pacific coast of northern Japan's main island. What I saw on the TV was a small fraction of the real figure. Not negligible cities along the coast literally vanished.

I’m at a loss for words not because of the shock or fear, but because of sympathy for afflicted and killed people.

I don’t like thinking of “It's a shame that I can't do anything against something.”
Yes, we can do many things.
At the beginning, I’ve been saving on electricity at home, not make a non-emergency phone call, not get into a panic, stayed home and donated a small sum of money.

Effects of the earthquakes have now widened in various ways.


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