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01 2011

Nikulin Circus

Few weeks ago, I had a sudden desire to go to the circus, not Cirque du Soleil but a traditional one. I wish I could go to Japanese one. Do you know that there are only two, Kinoshita (木下大サーカス) and Pop (ポップサーカス) in Japan? Unfortunately, Both of them are performing in a local city now.

One of horses in the feat of horsemanship (ジギト, 曲馬) of the circus

I recognized an ad of Russian circus on the train in recent days, so I took a look at the Web and found Nikulin Circus (ニクーリンサーカス, The Moscow Nikulin circus on the Zwetnoi boulevard), which is being held at Tokyo Dome City (東京ドームシティ), an extensive entertainment city located in front of Suidoubashi Station.

Nikulin2 Nikulin3
Nikulin Circus, from February 11th through March 21st at Tokyo Dome City
Premium View (arena): 9,000yen, Standard View (S class): 6,000yen, Top Level View (A class, day-of-performance tickets): 3,000yen

I had a lot of fun! With 15 minutes of the interval between first and second acts, I enjoyed a two-hour spectacular show: acrobats, clowns, jugglers, the bear show, the flying trapeze, the tightrope walking, the dog show, the feat of horsemanship and so on. We could see the ring very well from A class seats. It was so nice that we could savor the superb entertainers for only 3,000yen! It was also a good refreshing change.

I liked the feat of horsemanship the most.

Nikulin4 Nikulin6

Nikulin7 Nikulin8

It was my second time to go to the circus as long as I can remember, and the first one was Bolshoi Circus (ボリショイサーカス, The Great Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Avenue). The Bolshoi is/was held somewhere in Japan every year and quite familiar, but I heard Nikulin Circus (it named for Yuri Nikulin 1921 – 1997, a well-known Soviet and Russian actor and clown) for the first time.

Now, I went to the two major circuses in Moscow.
I should go to Japanese circuses next time.


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