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20 2011

The 2011 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships –Ladies’ SP & Men’s FP

I had the day of figure skating.
Live coverage of Ladies’ SP was from 14:00 to 18:00, and that of Men’s FP was from 19:00 to 23:00. So, I spent all day stuck in front of the TV and watched the performances from first group.

Ladies’ SP Top 6
1. ANDO 66.58 35.69 2. ASADA JPN 63.41 3. FLATT 62.23
4. NAGASU 59.78 5. CZISNY 58.94 6. SUZUKI 57.64
Miki Ando performed with minimum mistakes and has been first. She looks very dignified this season.
Mao didn’t fall on triple axel but couldn’t control the landing. She completed triple loop, 3-2, and other elements. Good. Commentator Hideo Sugita (杉田秀男, a former male figure skater who judged ISU competitions until 2005) said, “The reason of the error on the landing might be that she messed up the timing because now she can jump longer than before. So, it’s the sign of achievements of reforming jumps.” I do hope so.
It was good to see clean Flatt. Akiko Suzuki cannot perform in the World, but she seems to be going to continue her career next season. Good for her!

Men’s FP Top 6
1. TAKAHASHI 160.51 2. KOZUKA JPN 157.27 3. HANYU 151.58 78.20
4. ABBOTT USA 148.98 5. RIPPON USA 137.30 6. GUAN CHN 137.30
Daisuke is a genius in recovering. He missed quad (it’s not uncommon) and then performed well. He made revisions of his program for the World, and this competition was nice opportunity to foretaste.
Kozuka also missed quad but made minimum mistakes after that. It’s really good for him because he tended to melt down after failed quad until last season.
Good job, Hanyu!
I like Abbott’s FP and wish I could watch it in Tokyo next month. I was moved by his performance tonight though he fell on quad and made minor mistakes.

1. Daisuke TAKAHASHI 244.00
2. Yuzuru HANYU 228.01
3. Jeremy ABBOTT 225.71

I think I should have signed on with pay-TV that presents all skaters’ performances sooner. I found watching non-top skaters very interesting. As for first and second groups, I felt as if I watched a school recital (excuse me), but it was fun to sit back and enjoy their skating while I read and posted messages on a special thread for the live on 2channel, a Japanese Internet forum.

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