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06 2011

Freddie, Do You Mind or Not?

A lot of international movie stars and musicians appear in TV commercials in Japan: currently Tommy Lee Jones recommends canned coffee, and George Clooney does nespresso.

But this advertisement film, first started on TV after the turn of the year, for pot noodle named “cup noodle (カップヌードル)” is unique among others. This is because Freddie Mercury (フレディ・マーキュリー, 1946 - 1991), a vocalist of Queen, stars in it and sings a NEWLY-CREATED ad jingle in JAPANESE along with the melody of “I Was Born To Love You.”

According to uncertain information, the original promotional video was processed with a computer for it.

The original promotional video (1985)

Queen has remained popular in Japan. Their songs are repeatedly featured as theme songs for TV dramas and commercials, and they have been attracting a lot of new fans in addition to old ones. I’d been familiar with the band, but I’ve started listening to their music at home and had a high regard for the vocalist after his death.

Personally, I like the cup noodle song – especially the part, in which he sings “I don’t like other products because I love cup noodle (他のじゃヤダもん、好きだもん)” in Japanese. The way he sings the words is cute. (It's not that I would buy the product.)

However, there is a difference of opinion among Japanese Freddie fans. Some say they’re enjoying it, others say it’s insulting to make him perform in that way without his consent.

I think if he is still alive, not only he’ll accept it, but also 65-year-old Freddie will sing and dance for it. He was a Japanophile. Actually, he wrote lyrics in Japanese for a song titled La Japonaise in his solo album, Barcelona. He could enjoy singing in Japanese.

La Japonaise
Freddie, too much praise is a burden….


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