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30 2011

Unique Bar in Shinbashi

the house of dolls1

A name of the bar, the house of dolls (人形の館), is reminiscent of Gosu Rori (ゴスロリ, Gothic lolita, a fashion subculture originating in Japan).
However, as you see from the picture showing Star Child, Paul Stanley, it’s a rock bar, which has 6 seats at the bar counter and one sofa seat.

It’s a bit hard to explain the bar. I mean, it’s out of the pattern.

It's like saying that the space is a microcosm made by its female owner.
A theme of a rock bar is obviously rock music and culture, and in many cases, one under private management reflects an owner’s taste in music. The house of dolls does, too, but its atmosphere also mirrors, not forwardly, an individual taste of the owner more than music: her way of living, belief, mind, and so on.

Of course, it’s a sound and healthy bar, and I don’t mind the atmosphere.
The quaint owner, a friend of a friend, runs the bar at her own comfortable pace.

If you are in Shinbashi (新橋)or Ginza (銀座) and feel like having one more drink, why don’t you have a look at her microcosm?
It’s 3-minute walk from Shinbashi Station.

the house of dolls2
The house of dolls, Shinbashi (新橋人形の館)
Tel: 080-5508-4184
Open: Mon – Sat
Juugo Building B1F, 4-18-4, Shinbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo (in Japanese)


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