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23 2011

Kinakinw Goes to City in the Air - 1

I got a free ticket for Sky Planetarium, an exhibition that has been held from November 26th, 2010 until February 13th 2011 at Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills, a mega commercial complex. The ticket included free admissions to Tokyo City View (The observation deck, 52F), Sky Deck (the open-air rooftop), and Mori Art Museum (53F), so after visiting the exhibition I went round to these facilities.

City in the Air1
A bar counter of Mad Lounge in Tokyo City View
I was lured by happy hours and went in the bar, like insects drawn to the light.
What a spectacular view!

I sometimes get a free ticket of an event at the higher floors of Mori Tower. Though I rarely use it, I went there this time because a producer of Sky Planetarium is Takayuki Ohira (大平貴之, the creator of a planetarium projector, Megastar that can project the most number of stars in the world, His company’s English HP) whose work I wanted to see.

City in the Air2 City in the Air3
Sorry, photography is prohibited in the exhibition area.

Sky Planetarium has three zones: (1) the night sky of Tokyo is projected over a diorama by 10 digital projectors, (2) the 3D Sky Walk where we can walk through a room filled with 4000 stars, and (3) the theater that simulates a voyage from earth to the outer reaches of the known universe.

I unfortunately found little amusement in the exhibition, and I hope I will see a demonstration of Megastar in another place.
First, the diorama on which Mori Tower was highlighted brought my mood down because it seemed that Mori Building projected its power. Second, even though the Sky Walk perfectly reproduced the stars’ locations and distances between them in 3D space, there was no instruction in the room. I couldn’t find any constellation. For a person with little knowledge of constellations like me, the stars were just like random illuminations. Third, new visitors who came in one after another pushed people out of each zone (it was a midweek evening, though), so I had to make a round at a quick pace.

The exhibition charges admission of 1,800 yen for adults including those to the observation deck and museum, and I recommend Sky Planetarium if you stop by it on the sidelines of visiting the observation deck.

I think the observation deck is enjoyable enough if you don’t mind paying the entrance fee of 1,500 yen (an advance ticket is at low price of 1,200 yen).

City in the Air4 City in the Air5

City in the Air6

In closing, I would like to show you the view from the open-air rooftop of Tower of Babel.

City in the Air7


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