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17 2011

Why I Still Keep an Old TV

This is our only one TV, a TV/VCR combo manufactured in 1998. My sister bought it for playing video games. The VCR has broken down if that tells you anything.

The guy on the screen is Evan Lysacek, the 2010 Olympics gold medallist in men's figure skating.

Over the past years many people have bought brand-new, digitally compatible equipment that has a plasma, liquid-crystal or organic EL display panel in the wake of the end of analogue broadcast (*). In our case, we’ve been receiving the digital terrestrial broadcasting by cable-TV, and I have no plan to buy a brand-new one.

If you take one look at the picture and know why I don’t want a thin-screen TV.
It’s both the electric appliance and my cat’s bed.

There is a dining table on this side of the TV, and my cat often sits on it and looks at me while I write a blog post in front of the TV. (She is on it in this moment.)
How can I deprive her of her favorite spot?

In reality, the TV is acting up: the screen often flickers and it sometimes takes time before the entire image would be displayed. I will be forced to replace it with new one in the near future. It's preferable that the new one contains a recording device, so I would buy a used TV/VCR combo…. It costs only 3,000 -4,000yen ($27-37)!

If I buy a brand-new TV (all of those have a thin-screen), I would put it on a shelf so that my cat can sit on the top of the shelf.

However, except the matter of my cat, I don’t need a high-definition TV or 3-D TV. The image quality of a decade ago is good enough for me. Though our old fashioned appliance amazes my friends, I’m quite happy with the 15-inch CRT TV.

I watch TV to get information, not to experience virtual-reality.

(*) In Japan, the current analogue broadcast will end on 24th July 2011. If we want to watch regular broadcast after that, an environment capable of receiving digital terrestrial broadcasting will be needed: a tuner for the broadcasting, a TV equipped with the tuner, UHF antennas and so on. (For more information, please refer to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication’s website.)


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