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30 2010

Azabu at the Close of a Year

The year-end and New Year is our important holiday season.
After Christmas, the town is in the holidays’ atmosphere: people are preparing for the events during the year change period.

Close of a Year1
People purchasing flowers for Shogatsu (正月, New Year)
Close of a Year2 Close of a Year3

Close of a Year4
Shimekazari (しめ飾り) stall
Shimekazari is a twisted straw rope with fern leaves, an orange and other items of good omen. We hang it at the front door until Dec. 31 for washing away evils of that year.

Close of a Year5 Close of a Year6
Close of a Year7 Close of a Year8

I like this period of a year.
I look back at the year and think of many things happened in my life.
Though I have ups and downs as usual, I'm glad I get the period in peace.

I thank each and every one of you for reading my blog.
You really help me continue it.
I wish you good luck for the coming year!


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