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28 2010

It Doesn’t Need Words to Appreciate Beauty

I'd like to continue the topic of the Japan Figure Skating Championships one more time.

Well, it’s like a dream come true that we have many great skaters and young talents.
I’ve been watching figure skating for fun since the age of Midori Ito (伊藤みどり), and maybe this is my happiest period as a fan. (This is also a somber time, but I make no mention of it now.)

My most memorable performance in the National Championships was Mao’s FP.

Many of you might have seen it on TV, but why don’t you try this version in which the noisy comments are removed. All you can hear are the music, the sound of skate blades on the ice and the cheers of audience.

Her performance in the video was so simply beautiful that I found it extremely moving.

My favorite part is that she takes off running later in the program (about 3:38 in the video). That's just what we’d expect from Lori Nichol, a Canadian figure skating choreographer.

I sure would have liked to be there.


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