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26 2010

Results of Women’s FP - the Japan Figure Skating Championships 2010

Flash Report

All skaters finished their performances 10 minutes ago.

1. Ando 137.58 2. Asada 127.47 3. Murakami 126.02
4. Suzuki 119.10 5. Shoji 107.60 6. Nishino 100.07

Suzuki took seventh place in the short program. It seemed her error in FP were only a step out of double axel + triple toeloop and that triple flip ended up double. I think her steps got a roar from the spectators.
Murakami had done it better! She has a lot of nerve.

Mao sent out a signal! She’s almost back, though not fully. Among the elements in the list below, she changed second 3A into 2A. She made minimum mistakes.
Triple Axel+Double Toeloop+Double Loop
Triple Flip+Triple Toeloop
Triple Lutz
Change Foot Spin Combo
Triple Axel
Triple Flip+Triple Toeloop
Choreo Spirals
Triple Salchow
Flying Camel Spin
Straight Line Step Sequence
Double Axel
Flying Change Foot Spin Combo

I’d like to take off my hat to Ando. Her performance must be perfect!

Overall Ranking
1. Ando 202.34 2. Asada 193.69 3. Murakami 187.52
4. Suzuki 175.96 5. Shoji 165.82 6. Nishino 157.09

Congratulations, Miki!

As I keep insisting, the women’s FP isn’t broadcast live, so I’ve not watched the last group’s performances yet. I'm looking forward to see them!

Here is her SP. It’s delightful to watch because it doesn’t contain annoying and unnecessary comments of a sports commentator and TV personalities.


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