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25 2010

After 2nd Day of the Japan Figure Skating Championships 2010

Table of Contents
I. Results & Sentiments
i. Men’s SP & FP
ii. Women’s SP
II. Complaints against the TV station

I. Results & Sentiments
Men’s SP Top 6
1. Kozuka 87.91 2. Hanyu 78.94 3. Oda 77.48
4. Takahashi 74.78 5. Machida 73.75 6. Mura 72.33

Kozuka came out on top after the short program, which was a perfect performance as he said so. His all elements received level4. Good job!
Hanyu made no mistakes and took fourth place in the short program.
At the opening of his SP, Oda fell on his quad and then fell again on his steps (!). He said he raised one's shoulders for covering up the error of quad.
I think Takahashi didn’t feel his normal self that day. His all jumps were unstable.

Men’s FP Top 6 (only just finished)
1. Kozuka 164.02 2. Takahashi 162.01 3. Oda 160.00
4. Hanyu 141.12 5. Mura 134.98 6. Machida 130.36

Takahashi landed quad flip!! (under rotated?) His last triple salchow ended up double.
Kozuka fell on quad toeloop and triple Salchow. Oh, No.…However, he got enough points to be first, so far. Oda fell on quad and triple axel.

Overall Ranking
1. Kozuka 251.93 2. Oda 237.48 3. Takahashi 236.79
4. Hanyu 220.06 5. Mura 207.31 6. Machida 204.11

I think the top three skaters will show up on the next World.

Women’s SP Top 6
1 M. Asada 66.22 2 M. Ando 64.76 3 K. Murakami 61.50
4 R. Shoji 58.22 5 R. Suguri 57.18 6 Y. Nishino 57.02

Two of three skaters from fourth to sixth are juniors, and the other is Suguri who will turn 30 years old on New Year's Eve. Somehow, I get tired of watching Murakami’s SP. Ando performed SP she unveiled at Grand Prix Final with perfect impunity. Great!

When Mao landed triple axel in 6-minute practice, the audience erupted in thunderous applause. They know, we know what she’s trying to do, and we’re waiting.

She LANDED triple axel, though not cleanly but landed. It was nice try in this precarious situation. She's amazing. Triple loop+double loop and triple flip were OK. She didn’t fall down. The audience gave her a long standing ovation. Best Tango in this season. I was very happy to see Mao’s smile after so long.

II. Complaints against the TV station
Fuji Television Network has the broadcast right of the championships and next World Championship in Tokyo, which is really a big tragedy. (I wrote about the station before.)

In Japan, the broadcasts and media treatment of figure skating by commercial TV stations are basically awful beyond all description. (Maybe it's the same in the States or other countries, though.) Ignoring skaters and viewing public, needless TV personalities and announcers ridiculously get excited over the banal stories dragged up by the foolish TV creators: a young highly targeted person vs. a falling star, eternal rivals, technique vs. expressiveness, and so on.

Among those terrible broadcasts, that of Mens SP (12/24) by Fuji Television Network was lower than at any time in history. The on-the-air hours were from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. I was sitting immobile in front of a TV by seven, but what I watched until eight was a stupid quiz show about figure skating. I’m not kidding. Irrelevant TV personalities answered figure skating quizzes for more than half an hour.

There were thirty-two male single skaters in the competition, and many of those, except top skaters, got through the competitive qualifying round to come in it. However, the worst station aired performances of only six skaters. Not sixteen. Six.

In this great nation of figure skating, we have to watch the hellish and terrible broadcast.

Oh, correction, we can visit the live text coverage of sportsnavi, a sports site by Yahoo, and check the results in a moment. Today, I knew the results on the site first.
The idiot showed and will show recorded broadcasts, so I haven't seen Men’s FP yet.


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