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04 2010

Carmen, Elene Gedevanishvili

For me the appearance of Carmen was Maria Callas, the greatest opera diva for a long time. I’ve never actually seen her playing it, but I used to hear her Carmen a lot - Georges Prêtre / Orchestre de l'Opéra national de Paris in 1964. Here is her portrait on The Maria Callas Official Web Site.

However, my Carmen is changing form the diva to the 20-year-old figure skater from Georgia, Gedevanishvili nicknamed Geteko-chan. When her LP at Vancouver Olympics started, I was thinking, “If Carmen existed, she would be just like this skater”. At that moment, a colorcaster on TV said just what I thought. The heroine is one of popular themes for programs, and I see at least two Carmens every year. However, it was first time for me to feel this way.

Here is her photo on HP of a Japanese sport paper. Look at Geteko-chan. She is young, plump, solid and attractive. Harsh Wild and Sensual. Come to think of it, the heroine should not be too sophisticated like Callas. In the original novel by Prosper Merimee when a teller, a male traveler who studied the history (the novel was narrated from his standpoint) first met Carmen, she wore a coarse black dress after bathing in a river.

Geteko-chan is the most compelling and believable Carmen I’ve ever seen.



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