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17 2010

The Festive Mood

I decorated my Christmas tree early at the end of November, but I’ve had a feeling of Christmas only recently.

Since I bought own tree, I’ve begun to listen to Christmas songs at home. (It might sound silly, but it adds the festive mood.)

If you have time, why don’t you listen to the songs and share the feeling of Christmas with me!

My favorite Christmas Songs

1. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley
My former image of Elvis was the figure in the last few years of his life, wearing glittering white jumpsuits with long fringes, which I hardly called cool. However, with ages, I feel some his slow ballads (for example, Are You Lonesome Tonight? ) are really something.

Elvis is singing Blue Christmas at the unplugged concert!

2. Maybe This Christmas – Ron Sexsmith
I love this song written by a Canadian singer-songwriter, especially charming lyrics. I bought a Christmas album named “Maybe This Christmas” by various artists because of someone else, not Ron Sexsmith. That was how I came across the song. I was really lucky!

Though I couldn’t find his video on YouTube, there is one sung by Tim Freedman. I don’t know the singer, but Tim’s singing is also nice!

3. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Dean Martin
I’m often asked, “How old actually are you?” HAHAHA! I always have a happy feeling when I listen to songs of the period: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, and so on. I feel a desire for their songs at the close of a year.

What is your favorite Christmas song?


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