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02 2010

One of the Few Occasions to Watch Mao

The 79th edition of the Japan Figure Skating Championships 2010-2011 will be held in Nagano this month.

Dec. 24 (Fri): 16:00 Pairs--SP, and Men--SP
Dec. 25 (Sat): 13:00 Ice Dance--SD, Pairs--FS, Ladies--SP, and Men--FS
Dec. 26 (Sun): 15:00 Ice Dance--FD, and Ladies--FS
Dec. 27 (Mon): 17:00 Exhibition
(Japan time)

The competition, hosted by Japan Skating Federation (JSF), will determine the national champions of Japan and, at the same time, which skater will participate in World Championship.

According to an official announcement of JSF, the members of the national team for World 2010-2011 will be selected, “in a comprehensive manner”, among those who meet following requirements at the end of Japan Figure Skating Championships.

i. A skater placed in the top three at the Grand Prix (GP) competitions including Final
ii. A skater placed in the top three at Japan Figure Skating Championships
iii. A skater placed in the top three in ISU’s World Standings at the end of Japan Figure Skating Championships

As for the women’s, Miki Ando won two titles in GP competitions, and I think she’s already had a ticket to the World. So, two tickets are left. Kanako Murakami took first place at Skate America and third in Nagoya, and Akiko Suzuki took second place twice in China and Russia.

Well, though the process of selection has room for JSF’s arbitrary judgment (by selecting in a comprehensive manner), Mao Asada needs at least a title of Japan Figure Skating Championships to appear in the World.

I thought Mao’s performance in France was much more improved than that of in NHK trophy. I’m looking forward to seeing her at Japan Figure Skating Championships. I’ve already decided to stay home at night on Christmas Eve, Christmas and the weekend.

Besides the Four Continents Championships (I’d say it’s NOT worth joining, though), it might be the last in this season to see Mao participating in an official competition.


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