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30 2010

Renewed Christmas

christmas tree

I took my Christmas tree out of the storage and decorated it with ornaments today, a week earlier than usual year.

When I was a child, Christmas was a happy family day. We trimmed a tree and had an excellent dinner. Needless to say, none of my family members were (and are) Christians. We accepted it as one of seasonal events.

Most of all, it was a good opportunity to get a gift from my parent in addition to my birthday. I wore a letter requesting a gift to Santa Claus at the suggestion of my mother, but I knew….

Since I became an adult, I’ve had Christmas parties with my friends and fellow workers. December is the season of Bonenkai (忘年会, literally means "forget-the-past-year party") in Japan, and the party doubled as Bonenkai in many cases.

Now I live with my sister, and we didn’t display a Christmas tree for a long time.

Seven or eight years ago, I had something on my mind and bought this tree.
Displaying a Christmas tree keeps me happy at this time of year.


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