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01 2010

Where is Midori Ito?

As we all know Midori is a Japan's proud former figure skater: the World Champion (1989), the Olympic silver medallist (1992). She is the first female skater who landed a triple/triple jump combination and a triple axel in competitions.

I haven’t seen the pioneer on TV, in magazines, and in newspapers at all for nearly half a year. I was looking forward to hear her comments on Mao’s triple axels at the Vancouver Olympics, but mass media DIDN’T EVEN SAY HER NAME. I got a rumor that may or may not be true: she’s deprived of any chance to appear on television because she voiced forthright views on the skater or she had problems with her former management company.

I often think about her lately along with Mao Asada.
To express my feeling I’d like to write a letter to her.
If you are interested, please take a look.

Hi! Midori,

I heard you got remarried in last September. Congratulations!
I wish I could read your blog, but it remains closed. How are you?

I feel you are deeply distressed by circumstances surrounding Mao. So am I.
The poor girl has been blamed and derogated from her honor these few years: domestic media that keep contrasting her with the skater, biased coverage playing up her like a one-trick pony, heartless people misled by the media, and much more that I refrain from mentioning. I remember you had been, too.

Your fan girl is really super! I think you are most exited about her skating. She has been able to combine jumps, spirals, spins, and steps at a high level. I hope she’ll find a harmonious style of these elements and enjoy bringing out her expressiveness.

Beside Mao, we have excellent male and female skaters. Don’t you think it likes a dream come true? I know you always joined in competitions alone and paved the way for them. I'm proud of you no matter what.

Oh, I saw your video at Prince Ice World 2009 on You Tube. I was so excited and impressed just to see you on the ice. You couldn’t land a double axel, but it was nice try!

At last, I have one complaint.
Because I came of age on your jumps, I've been hardly satisfied with female jumps since you retired. You are one and only best.

I hope to see you soon.




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