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29 2010

Skaters’ nicknames in 2 Channel

As I wrote last time (That's enough, CX!; 2010.3.27), I spent much time in reading 2 Channel’s communication boards related to figure skating the past few days. “2 Channel (2ch)” is the world’s largest Japanese Internet forum in which a lot of Japanese netizens (network citizens) gather.

People in the figure skating boards use nicknames for major skaters, and some of them really amused me. I’m going to introduce my selection!

I start with Japanese team.
Daisuke Takahashi: ‘Dee’ Daisuke→Deesuke→Dee
Nobunari Oda: ‘Tono (liege)’ Yah, he is the 17th direct descendant of Oda Nobunaga.
Takahiko Kozuka: ‘Kozu-Kozu’ It sounds pretty.
Mao Asada: ‘Mao’
Miki Ando: ‘Ando’ or ‘Miki’
Akiko Suzuki: ‘Akko’ or ‘Akko-chan’ We often add chan affectionately after someone’s name.

How about American Team?
Evan Lysacek: ‘Black Pole’ or ‘Lysa’ Ha-ha! He is so black and spindly this season.
Johnny Weir: ‘Johni-ko’ or ‘Joni’ Ko is often used in the last part of women’s name in Japan. Sounds feminine.
Jeremy Abbott: ‘Abbo’ or ‘Abbo-Abbo’ Now we can see some rules for making nicknames.
Adam Rippon: ‘Rippon-pon’ That’s a breaking ball.
Rachael Flatt: ‘Shyatyo (boss)’ Japanese men think this adorable girl looks like a typicalcompany-president face….

Canadian skaters?
Patrick Chan: ‘P-chan’ A big mouth, but he might be loved.
Joannie Rochette: ‘Aniki (big brother)’ She’s a name for a handsome woman.

Stéphane Lambiel: ‘Shimauma (zebra)’ or ‘Lambi’ Ah, I can vividly remember his blouse.
Kevin van der Perren: “KVDP” Hmm... It’s another pattern.
Jenna McCorkell: ‘Yome (his wife)’ I like this one and wish I could give the nuances of this Japanese word.
Elene Gedevanishvili: ‘Gete-ko’ or ‘Gete-ko-chan’ She is always one of skate fans favorite.
Adrian Schultheiss: ‘ADSL’ Yah, Kevin’s pattern.
Ksenia Makarova: “Macaron” That’s sweet.
Kiira Korpi: “Fujin (lady of quality)’ Let’s open the ball!

I made one.
Evgeni Plushenko:‘Kaityo (representative)’ Of course, the Quad Union!

Like it?


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