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31 2010

Weekend Lunch in Azabu-juban

I was planning to have brunch while I was in Azabu-juban (麻布十番) shopping street today and went to a bakery café named “Eat more Greens” for the first time.

juban lunch2
According to their HP, the café’s concept is “a 'vegetable and vegan bakery cafe' like the ones in Down Town, NY. “

I sometime stopped at the place when it was a donuts & bagels café, but I hadn’t visited the café because I’ve eaten a lot of vegetables without their telling me so. I'm joking. I'm not going to like “fashionable vegetarianism or macrobiotics” and restaurants that adopt these ideas as one's slogan. I don’t mean to reject someone’s belief, but personally I just don’t want to follow that kind of fashion. I also stereotype that vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurants don't have good food at least in Japan.

Let's get back on the track.
Azabu-juban is a place where there are a lot of cafés and restaurants, but there aren’t so many those that serve breakfast and brunch except chain eateries.
The café opens from 9:00 on weekend, so I tried their brunch.

Well, be careful. They have only two little brunch meals: homemade jam & toast set and today's natural soup & homemade bread set (includes organic coffee or organic ceylon tea). I have no way of telling whether the café is nice or not because I didn’t eat decent food.

juban lunch1

Unfortunately, the soup and organic coffee didn’t make me reverse my stereotype and wasn’t enough for brunch, and then I went to a brasserie, “asile Jaune” that is on the top floor of a 9-story building.

juban lunch3

juban lunch5 juban lunch6
A confit de poulet was good for the price, a little strong though.

juban lunch4
I think it would be nice if I visit the brasserie at night.

I feel bit better!


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