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24 2010

Light and Shadow – one more post about the NHK Trophy

It’s the final day of the event, the first of the 2010-2011 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series.

The light in my mind is Daisuke’s smile, and the shadow is Mao’s gloomy face.

After the short program, Daisuke Takahashi is in first place.
He performed “Latin Mix (Historia de un Amor, El Manbo)“ with vigor and enthusiasm. He danced like crazy! Though we don’t know if he will keep the lead after the long program (I hope he will), I’m quite sure we can feel at ease and enjoy his performance this season, too.

He didn’t have a burnout after he won the bronze medal in Vancouver and the gold medal in the World Championships. It seems he found new enjoyment in skating. He is expanding his self-expression and pursuing the world of Daisuke. What an ideal state.

The other gold medallist of the World, Mao Asada, is likely to fall into serious trouble. I’m not talking about her skating or jumps. I'm very worried about her mental condition.

I just watched her on TV, but she seemed not to be of sound mind.

Her face remained impassive during the six minute warm up before the short program the day before yesterday. She didn’t even make eye contact with her coach. I think she lacked the emotional capacity to smile or talk with someone. She was slightly better at the yesterday’s warm up, but after the performance, she had expressionless eyes in the kiss and cry zone. I’ve never seen her like that before.

She is a perfectionist who likes practicing, which is one of typical premorbid personalities for some mental problems.
I feel anxious about her.


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