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20 2010

The Season for Newly Harvested Rice

The new rice sent to us from my uncle in Niigata Prefecture (新潟県) is Koshihikari produced in Uonuma area (魚沼産コシヒカリ), a popular rice brand.

new rice1

My grandfather’s home village is situated in the mountains of Uonuma area. Though relatives live in the center of town now, the uncle still keeps fields in the village and cultivates rice on the side.

We look forward to the newly harvested rice. It tastes best because it is sweeter and contains more water.

His son, my cousin said that the rice got the first grade again this year (there is a three-level rating system). This year Koshihikari in Uonuma has a much lower rate of the first grade rice than that of usual years because temperatures were unusually high all day this summer. A certain level of difference in the temperature between day and night is important to growing good rice. It's a lucky part of the fields in the mountains.

Does that look delicious?
Yes, it is!

The picture below shows ears of rice grown in buckets in my neighborhood.
Rice harvest season comes in Tokyo, too!

new rice2
I think sparrows have already picked up grains of rice.


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