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17 2010

College 's Cheering Squad

This is ouendan (応援団, a cheering squad) of my alma mater.

Cheering Squad1

In Japan, many traditional schools that boast college sports have organized ouendan, made up solely of students, consisting of three branches.
(1)Leader (リーダー部): Male cheerleaders wearing highly stylized black uniforms based on gaku-ran, Japanese school uniforms
(2)Cheerleader (チアリーダー部): American style female cheerleaders
(3) Brass band (ブラス部)

Unlike those in the U.S., headliners of squad are Leaders. Lovely cheerleaders are important, but nothing will start without those boys. Leaders perform a special kind of dances along with fight songs in front of students in the stands.

Cheering Squad2 Cheering Squad3
Cheering Squad4 Cheering Squad5

My old school is active in sports, and the cheering scene, like that in the pictures, is common at sporting events.

Among others, the students are looking forward to a baseball game against a rival college, pack into a ballpark, and are pumped up for cheering with the ouendan.

In past days, I was one of students who sang the fight song with their arms around each other in the ballpark.


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