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14 2010

Tokyo Peanuts

vegetable stall1

This vegetable stall is placed in the entrance of the farmhouse. Other than this vending machine, there are baskets of vegetables and a coin box at all times. People put money in the box when one buys them according to one's conscience because there isn’t a clerk.

It’s a common sight in the countryside, but this one is in Tokyo's 23 wards (on the line between the center of Tokyo and the suburb, though).

My aunt lives in this town along a private railroad, and I've visited her several times a year since I was a kid. In the old days, vegetable fields surrounded the station. I walked through the fields and wooded area to reach her house.

The town drastically changed in these 20 years. However, the place around the farmhouse still retains the good old days.

vegetable stall2 vegetable stall3
It says, “Please buy my Grandpa's vegetables.”

The farm family is a large landowner that manages many apartments and car parks, and the grandparent of the family still engages in farming. The stall is popular among people living in the neighborhood. When I took the pictures, several people stopped by it.

vegetable stall4

Though I didn’t pick up one at that time, I was mulling over buying the raw peanuts.
Raw peanuts boiled in salt water go well with beer!

I called on my aunt after this, and to my delight, she served these rare peanuts produced in Tokyo.
She is a regular customer of the stall.
That was good!


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