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07 2010

It Has Always Been There

What kind of tree do you like?
What do you want to plant in your garden?


I would say a willow tree.
This is because there was one in front of our former house moved from my grandfather’s home village in Niigata Prefecture (新潟県). The willow had been there before my family moved in from a different part of Azabu (麻布) and built it after the end of World War II.

The willow was a symbol of our house, and I feel I grew up with it. Though I don’t remember, my mother said that when I was several years old, she once tied me to the willow, like a dog, for a while because nothing could make me stop crying. (To her credit, she didn’t abuse me. My family ran a home-based business at that time, and I'm told my parent and employees were waiting to see until I stopped crying.)

Unfortunately, the willow was cut down when my father rebuilt the house.
What a shame.

The pictured above shows an existing willow holding many memories from my childhood. It’s on a private road of a temple in the neighborhood where I played with friends.

It shoots out buds in the spring, leafs, defoliates, goes dormant in the winter, and then comes back strong the following spring whether or not anyone is watching it.

Now, I have a special fondness for this willow.


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