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05 2010

Revisiting K-ya in Kyoto

Today’s post is about my favorite bar, K-ya (K家), in Kyoto.

This is “Tokyo Notebook”, but I’ve not written about Tokyo for some time…. Well, a period spanning May through September is the season for conferences and workshops, and I often go on a journey including a side trip. There are many stories from the road.

k-ya table

When my friend and I revisited this authentic bar on the night before a public holiday, almost all seats were taken. I asked for seats at the bar counter and waited at a table while drinking first cocktail, Frozen Margarita. It was really wonderful.

We moved to the counter, and then I ordered second cocktail: “Spicy Moscow Mule” at the top of original cocktail menu. It was really spicy because Laphroaig (Scotch whiskey) flavored with horseradish was dropped into Moscow Mule. Laphroaig itself has a strong flavor, and the horseradish added a refreshing smell to it.

k-ya dounter

When I visited this authentic bar in July, I didn’t have a typical cocktail (the previous post). So, I was greatly pleased that night.



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