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25 2010

Yunishigawa Hot Spring -3-

A Moment in Heaven
When and where do you feel like that?

I felt that moment at a soba-noodle shop, Shioya(志おや) in Yunishigawa.
When I entered the shop, I saw a long-forgotten oil heater and then found a cat enjoying a good sleep beside it. I kept the shop people from waking the cat up and took a seat.


I looked over the space with keen nostalgia. Everything in the shop made me feel like I’d slipped back into the Showa Period before 1970’s. I don’t mean the shop was tattered and antique but actively working Showa. Everything was maintained in original state.


The snow piled up outside; the unspoiled space was warm and cozy. The beer was chilled; the soba noodles were hot and tasty. The cat still slept all curled up.

I was as happy as I could be.


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