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04 2014

Toi, West Izu-1


I spend couple of days with my best friend and her mother in the west coast of Izu Peninsula during the New Year holidays.

West Izu

As with most Izu areas, hot spring resorts and fishing ports are dotted alongside of the west coast, but unlike the other areas, they aren’t accessible by train. So, except summer vacation season, the west coast facing Suruga Bay is much quieter than the rest of the peninsula.

First, we got to Shuzenji, a historical hot spring resort in the center of the peninsula, by train and stopped by there for lunch.


Shuzenji_2 Shuzenji_3
Shuzenji (Shuzen Temple) 町の名の由来にもなった修善寺
The city owes its name to the temple.


We took a bus from Shuzenji and headed to Toi, the first stage of the trip. The road linking Shuzenji and Toi is really impressive, with nice view of mountains with wasabi (Japanese horseradish) plantations.

Toi, a resort town known for its hot springs and beaches is a gateway to the west coast.


We stayed at a small guest house and enjoyed seafood and homemade dishes.



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01 2014

I Wish You

A Happy New Year 2014

As the new year (year of the Horse) starts, I wish for you, your family, and your companies happiness and growth.

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