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30 2013

Security of Personal Data

Security of Personal Data

Yesterday, I received a phone call from the security desk of VISA card and was telling that they detected a sign of unauthorized use of it. I was asked if I made iTunes account days ago which I didn’t do. The staff said that the account is often used for checking if a card is enabled or not. Fortunately, someone just made the account and didn’t use it, and then I canceled the card on the spot.

I asked the staff how they recognized the sign. I mean, though it’s often abused, a lot of card holders make it for choice on a daily basis. I didn’t think they called everyone, so why they called me?

I was given the account: a week ago they detected a payment to an Internet TV that is also often used for the checking cards’ availability and had been monitored the usage conditions since then. Since iTunes account was made using my card several days later, they called me to confirm the conditions. I was incredibly impressed. They did a good job!

I feel fortunate that as it happens, I expended the validity of the Internet TV that I use for watching figure skating competitions since last year. If I skipped Rostelecom Cup last weekend, I wouldn’t do it, and I would end up suffering monetary damage.

No one knows how and when the card information was getting out. I had kept that card over 20 years and charged anything and everything on it, as a main card, across the globe the entire time. In nearly a decade, I bought and booked anything and everything online with that card, too. I have watched out for payments after use of cards until now, but, well, I was just extremely lucky that I could prevent unauthorized use of it.

It is impossible to completely avoid using credit cards or entering its information online (though, making a PayPal payment online if it’s available), so I decide to change the card number biennially or triennially from now on.

This incident taught me a good lesson. If one holds a credit card, it should be managed by a major, legitimate and grounded company.


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20 2013

Late in the Fall

Jiro Kaki

The other day, I got the persimmon fruit (it’s called Kaki in Japan) grown in my relatives’ garden.

I eat the fruit every year when it comes into season from the middle of October, but I haven't eaten home-grown one for a long time. To tell the truth, as compared to one grown in the orchards, the Jiro Kaki the photo was less than sweet and delicious for me though I felt nostalgic. I believe they would taste sweet to tongue of people in the olden days.

There was the tree in our garden before the former house was rebuilt. It was a different kind of one that had sour persimmon, so my grandmother made Hoshigaki (dried persimmons) when she felt up to it. I wondered at the fact that it tasted sweet after drying when I was a child.

In the meantime, while I stay busy with work and watching the figure skating competitions, it’s almost December, and it's getting cold in Tokyo.

Be careful not to catch a cold!

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07 2013

A Stroke of Luck

NHK Trophy

Lakshmi might bring me luck.
I saw an advertising truck of a life insurance company that sponsors Mao Asada the day after. Then yesterday, I got tickets for ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2013/2014, NHK Trophy that will be held in Yoyogi, Tokyo, from tomorrow!

I despaired of ever going to the competitions because I couldn’t get tickets, so I planned to watch them on television. However, I noticed that the additional seats were sold on line last night. I’m so happy to take in NHK Trophy in my home town. What a bit of fate!

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04 2013

Lakshmi Puja


It was Sunday yesterday, but I had work. On the way home, I stopped by at an Indian and Nepalese restaurant near the office for dinner, and I found something that wasn’t usual was going on there.

It was a religious festival in India and Nepal called Lakshmi Puja. Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and the embodiment of beauty. The Goddess has been introduced into Japanese Buddhism and well known as Kisshoten. According to Indian calendar, the festival is held at this time of the year. People have a monk (the man in the opening photo is a monk) at home and offer prayers in hope of their future, to be specific, gainings.

Lakshmi_2 Lakshmi_3
Left:Lakshmi ラクシュミー Right: Kisshoten吉祥天

I asked an owner of the restaurant about the festival and got involved in it before I knew what was happening. Following their manners, I drunk coconut milk, sprinkled some kind of liquid, and got an Indian forehead decoration.

Well, I’m immune from big money, so I wish it'll bring me a bit of fate.

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