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23 2013

Right Place to Take ID Photo

Tokyo Metropolitan Office

I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Office yesterday to get my passport renewed.
That was another opportunity for me to need a good ID photo after my driver license renewal last summer. The passport picture is more important than that of driver license because while I use my passport for ten years, the valid period of the license is five years. Although I know no one cares about the photo, I would like to avoid using the passport with an unacceptable photo of myself.

Unlike the license renewal where the officials take picture of everyone at the office (it’s literally one-shot deal), we can prepare that of passport by yourself prior to the renewal. So, I was thinking to get satisfactory one ahead of time, but actually I didn’t do it until I had to.

Yesterday morning, I had three options to get the picture: a proper portrait studio (expensive but many touch up options), a studio at a print service shop (moderate and some touch up options), and a photo booth (inexpensive). I chose the middle one and had my picture taken by the shop manager with “beautiful skin” print processing. However, I couldn’t approve of it.

I decided to forget about that shot, stopped off briefly in a photo booth at the near station on the way to Tokyo Metropolitan Office, and get an OK picture at 800 yen. I didn’t expect a nice shot by it, but I was totally wrong. The machine has developed very much. There was “beautiful skin” print processing (just costs 100 yen more than ordinary one), and the lighting was nice. The most wonderful point about it was that a photo turns out to be moderately-smooth. I mean, while the one taken by the manager was so realistic and textured, the machine hides unnecessary irregularities of face. I thought it has absorbed features of Purikura (an oversized passport photo making booth that fits two-and usually more - smiling faces on a miniature picture usually framed with cute characters like).

I don’t know the other machines are good or not. The one I used was “CITY PHOTO STATION (by Fuji Film)”, which should be scattered across Japan. It’s really great
全てのボックスが良く写るかどうかはわかりません。私が利用したのは、フジフイルムが展開しているCITY PHOTO STATION。全国に広く行き渡っていると思います。なかなかやるもんですね。


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