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01 2013

Animal Operetta, Les Girafes

Les Girafes 1

That was the other free show at Roppongi Hills called “Les Grafes” by a French street arts company named “Compagnie OFF” established in 1986 in Tours.
こちらは六本木ヒルズで行われたもう一つのショー、フランスのストリートアートパフォーマンス集団「Compagnie OFF」による「動物たちのオペレッタ」。同集団は1986年にツールで設立されたそうです。

The main performers were the nine giraffes, clown, diva, and trickster-like man (not in the pictures). To make a long story short, in the show the clown teeter-tottered and up in the air, the diva sang her heart out diva, and the trickster sprinkled golden powder. Then, a herd of red giraffes was slowly, gracefully moving on, and the circus started. Sorry for the poor report, but that’s kind of what it was like.

Les Girafes 2

Les Girafes 3 Les Girafes 4

It was too crowded to see the whole story of the show, but sill the show was most fun ever! It was so exciting that the herd of red giraffes in the streets of Tokyo.
I had a great time thanks to the complex in the first half of Golden Week Holidays.

Les Girafes 5
I got the perfect shot, but the lack in sharpness in it.


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