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27 2012

Kinakinw Molting

Now, it’s immobilized in a plaster cast.

My doctor removed the cast according to plan, which set me free, but my wrist is miserable: it’s still swollen and bruised. Of course, I cannot move it the way I want. I cannot raise my pals upward. I put my hand over the keyboard in the photo, but actually, I cannot type well with it. It’s like an alien.

It hurts when try so hard to move and hold something with my left hand. The heaviest thing I can hold is a mobile phone.

It's seems a long way to go, so I have to cheer myself up.


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23 2012

An Update

At Hisago Café in Tsuchiyu Hotspring Resort in Fukushima, 2011. 9

Although it’s hard to believe that I will be able to move my left wrist again so soon, my doctor is planning to remove the cast next Monday.

It seemed the mainstream of treatment approach (at least in this instance) is that once the wrist has enough stability, motion exercises may be started for the wrist itself sooner than the earlier approach. While in the past, a patient would be in a cast for about 3 months until it fully recovers, now enhancing functional recovery is given priority.

I think it’s reasonable, but I feel a sense of uneasiness because the next Monday marks only about 3 weeks since the incident.

Well, I’m recovering steadily, which is what matters most, so I will need to go to the next step and undergo rehabilitation! :D

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16 2012

Excursion to Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo 1

My friend and I went to the Ueno Zoo the day before yesterday, which had planned before my wrist fracture.

Ueno Zoo 2
The Ueno Zoo is located within Ueno Park, a large urban park that is home to several museums, a small amusement park, and other attractions.

Founded in 1882, Ueno Zoological Gardens is the oldest zoo in Japan. It has grown over the years, expanded its area to 14.3 ha (35.2 acres) and been the flagship of the Japanese zoo world. Now it's home to over 2600 animals from 464 different species.

Ueno Zoo 3

Ueno Zoo 4 Ueno Zoo 5

Ueno Zoo 6 Ueno Zoo 7

Ueno Zoo 8 Ueno Zoo 9

I’m sure the animal housing and other facilities were utterly transformed since the last time I visited it (I cannot remember when), so I could enjoy it as if it was the first time.

Ueno Zoo 10

Ueno Zoo 11 Ueno Zoo 12
In the Small Mammal House, we can find cute nocturnal animals.

Panda is one of must-see animals at the zoo. Even on weekday, it was full of people in the panda house. I think the zoo is very protective about the animal.

Ueno Zoo 13

Ueno Zoo 14 Ueno Zoo 15

Ueno Zoo 16

My favorite was the Petting Zoo where common animals are bred. Goats and sheeps were on the loose and walked freely in the area.

Ueno Zoo 17

Ueno Zoo 18 Ueno Zoo 19

Among the familiar ones, precious horses live their lives in obscurity in one corner of the Petting Zoo. These are indigenous species that are rare in the current era: Kiso-pony (horse raised in Nagano and Gifu), Tokara- pony (one in Tokara islands in Kagoshima), Noma-pony (one in Noma, Ehime), Yonakuni-pony (one in Yonakuni island in Okinawa).

Ueno Zoo 20

Ueno Zoo 21 Ueno Zoo 22

These are as big as a pony today. Before thoroughbred horses were introduced in earnest in Meiji era (1868 - 1912), native Japanese horses were small in general. They were used as farm horses, bathorses, carthorses, and so on at that time.

Ueno Zoo23

Getting a poke in my leg and gazing down in surprise, I found this a little love.

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12 2012

Thousands of Thoughts

Thousands of Thoughts
Robert Couse-Baker

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11 2012

Again, Pithy Messages


One year have passed since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident, and what we, people living in outside of the affected areas, have learned?

I can’t talk about it all, but I’d like to mention some of what I know and what I feel from the effects of the accident.

Don’t justify your vague feeling of uneasiness by stirring up someone's anxiety. Cope with one’s anxiety before download it onto someone.

In that context,

Don’t even think someone just provides the absolute truth. Access to the original information instead of unquestioning acceptance of arbitrarily cited one. Accumulate and examine evenly it on one's own, and then make a form a reasoned view.

I post the opening photo again (the previous post).
Even now, the messages in are important for us.

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09 2012

Minor Change

Minor Change

I have to put my arm in a sling more than a month, so I bought a mesh arm holder for better living conditions. Unlike a triangular bandage, which covers over my chest, it’s comfortable: the strap with a cushion fits around the neck and my arm is more stable with it because I can wear the strap across my chest.

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06 2012

Wrist Fracture

Wrist Fracture

When landed on my left wrist to the ground, I already knew I would fracture.
I was in a nearby prefecture (well and truly sober) when I fell down this afternoon. My wrist immediately swelled and hurt badly. So, in a moment, I visited a local orthopedic clinic where an X-ray examination found my left wrist was broken. I ask an old doctor first aid, and he reduced it, applied a cast and said it’ll be immobilized in a cast for 3 months. What a disaster!

Then, I also visited my orthopedic surgeon on the way home. My doctor x-rayed (the old doc reduced it very well. thanks!), conditioned the cast and decided on courses of treatment. In his opinion, he’ll change the cast into one that’s half the length of the present one next week. If everything goes well, I’ll get away from a cast after 5 weeks and then receive rehabilitation. It was better than the first doctor’s opinion.

This was the start of my inconvenient new life. It hurts. Lovely.

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03 2012

Touring Inatori 2/2

Inatori 8

Inatori is a fishing village famed for alfonsino known for as high-quality fish. The fishes landed at this small Inatori Port are traded at a higher price than those from the other ports in Izu and Chiba Prefecture. It’s very pricey if you have alfonsino from Inatori at a fancy Japanese-style restaurant in Tokyo.

An early-morning market is held at the port every weekend, but we were too late for it.

Inatori 9 Inatori 10
My friend bought alfonsino fillet at Tokuzou-maru, a fish product shop and restaurant, which is inch away from the port.

Tatami-ishi, a Japanese-style confection store where the large stone stands in front of it is also close to the port. East Izu is famous for good stone, and in Edo period, the stones of this size called Shumi-ishi were quarried and conveyed in a boat to Edo (present day Tokyo) for castellation.

Inatori 11 Inatori 12

Inatori 13

The confection store makes sweet named Shumi-ishi decorated with the stone. The interesting thing is that the store only opens during the hanging dolls events (about 70 days) and only sells that sweet.

Inatori 15 Inatori 16

Inatori 17
We stopped at a café named Shigure that operates in a part of a neighboring house. I had Anmitsu (sweet bean paste parfait).

Naturally, the final destination is a hot spring. There are many hot spring inns along the coast in Inatori. We took a dip in the outside bathtub with the sea view at one of inns.

Inatori 18

We enjoyed a relaxing soak and left for home. Fin

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