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26 2011

Good Bye, Commercial TV Stations!


Since I got the latest high-performing laptop, I really began to watch the Grand Prix titles of figure skating on live streaming of sport channels using it. Without unnecessary choreographed video footages made by stupid producer of the figure skating programs who are fall behind the times, I’m quite happy!

I’m watching Rostelecom Cup on a British sport channel this weekend, and I find the channel to be fun. For instance, now that station is sending a football game, Kashiwa Reysol vs. Cerezo Osaka, live with commentary in English! These are Japan Soccer League teams, and of course, the game is being held in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture right now. Before, I heard someone said that if you want to watch J. League game live, watch European sport channel on Internet. That’s true.
(I’m writing this 15:30, Japan time, 26th November.)

Last night, when I was waiting for Men’s SP with half an eye on the station that broadcasted a cross-country race at The Nordic World Ski Championships held in Kusamo, Finland, I found there was a Japanese Nordic combined athlete named Watabe. At first, he was around 8th or 10th position and then gradually moved up. With 2 ?3 kilometers to go, he took the lead! I watch the race with fascination.

Finally, he finished in the second place. He got 5th place in the ski jumping ahead of the race, and all told, he got the silver medal! Congratulations! In 1990th, Japanese athletes and the Japanese team made a very strong showing at Nordic combined. However, after the rule revisions (the cross-country race tended to be too big to overcome in ski jumping) that took a shot at the Japanese (who got advantage on ski jumping) for maintaining Nordic honor, we got taken and backed away from the medals. Well, thanks, Nordic. Watabe won the silver because of that rule revisions this time.

Oh, the football game is over, and it was a draw.

This is the second day of Rostelecom Cup, and I’m going to watch Women’s, Men’s, and Pairs FP on that channel.
GOOD BYE, TV Asahi that puts Grand Prix titles on the air!


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