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11 2011

NHK Trophy 2011


Finally, the competition will begin at 15:00 (Japan time) this afternoon, starting with ice dancing, and my nonstop days will also begin.

Though NHK Trophy is one of The ISU Grand Prix titles, it’s kind of a big event figure skating fans living in Japan are looking forward to along with the Japan Figure Skating Championships and the World Figure Skating Championships for. This isn't just because it’s held in Japan, but we can watch it without any stresses caused by over-obvious, low-level live telecast.

NHK, one of hosts of the competition, is a national broadcasting company and only one terrestrial and satellite station that can get figure skating on the air properly. The station doesn’t do anything special. It just broadcasts the event live without needless VTR, foolish screaming announcers, inept TV personalities’ comments and inappropriate guests at a TV studio. Anyway, other stations are no good at all.

The satellite broadcasting of NHK features a slot called “Yutaka’s Room” in which Yutaka Higuchi, a coach and figure skating commentator, interviews skaters at kiss and cry. Last year, an interview Mao Asada set him off on a weeping jag. I was almost crying in sympathy with him when I watched that scene.


Higuchi who placed in Winter Olympic Games twice, is a three-time Japanese national champion and has been engaged on the Japanese figure skating world for a long period. I think he was familiar with the circumstances of Mao who was trying to brush up her skating skills and struggling, so he deeply empathized with Mao.

I hope Higuchi would shed happy tears this time.

And now, I’m going to go out to stock up on enough food to last few days so that I can stay home!


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