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14 2011

Pupukahi I Holomua, Unite to Move Forward

First, let me show you the fula and Tahitian dance!

Pupukahi I Holomua 1
Ayumi Linolani, a hula dance teacher and a dancing team, Halau Laulanani

Pupukahi I Holomua 2

Pupukahi I Holomua 3

Pupukahi I Holomua 4

The team performed at a square nearby Shinbashi Station, Tokyo on April 12th and 13th.

Why I saw their performance?
Well, my friend and I went to the Fukushima farmer’s market held at the square.

The market is part of a marketing campaign of Iwaki’s vegetables.
Vegetables from Fukushima, including Iwaki, are hit hard by rumors. In fact, some items produced in some parts of Fukushima are radiation-polluted beyond the norm for the national standard and suspended from market, but most of crops ARE NOT. However, distributors of fruits and vegetables don’t want to buy them.

Even so, if farmers directly sell their vegetables, which are not radiation-polluted beyond the norm, in Tokyo, they are immediate sellout because many Tokyoites want to buy them to show support for Fukushima and the farmers who are suffering from the rumors.

Pupukahi I Holomua 5 Pupukahi I Holomua 6

Although all vegetables contain radioactive materials in nature, it’s true some vegetables from Fukushima and Kanto contain a slight amount of additional radioactive materials, which don’t exist without the nuclear accident if it’s below the norm. So, it’s left to the judgment of the individual that you buy them or not.

Pupukahi I Holomua 7
Of course I do buy them.

Get back on the track.
The combination of Iwaki and hula dance may not mean very much to people live in other than eastern Japan.

Have you ever heard Spa Resort Hawaiians in Iwaki City? It’s a large leisure park that utilizes the natural hot springs in the area. In the large dome the temperature is set at 28 degrees Celsius all year around, creating a Hawaiian atmosphere.

Pupukahi I Holomua 8
It’s closed for business due to the earthquake.

Iwaki was a coal-mining town at one time. A decaying coal mining company opened the leisure park in 1966 as a restoration project, and fula and Tahitian dance that girls in the town performed was (and still “is”) highlight of the park. The way in which daughters of coal miners become fula dancers was made into a movie, Fula Girl, few years ago.

Pupukahi I Holomua 9
Ayumi Linolani once belonged to a dance team of Spa Resort Hawaiians and now has own dance school in Onahama, Iwaki City.

Ayumi and Members of Halau Laulanani, students of her school, live in Iwaki and are sufferers of The Great Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake.

Pupukahi I Holomua 11

Pupukahi I Holomua 12

Pupukahi I Holomua 13

Pupukahi I Holomua 10

I felt certain that the fula girls will become the symbol of restoration of Iwaki once again and was very moved by their performance.


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