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22 2011

The 2011 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships –Ladies’ FP

I had another day of figure skating on Sunday.
I watched live coverage of Ladies’ FP in the afternoon and that of Exhibition(群星會表演 in Chinese) in the evening via streaming TV.

Ladies’ FP Top 6
1. ANDO 134.76 2. ASADA 132.89 3. NAGASU 129.68
4. FLATT 118.08 5. CZISNY 109.87 6. PHANEUF 107.49
Even though Miki Ando wasn’t in good condition, she performed well enough. In this season, she’s moved on to the next stage in which she can express passion for skating and execute on strategies to get points at the same time. During silly media hype of the rivalries (Mao and someone), she’s grown. If some people will still think her weak point is artistry, I'll be sorry for their poor sense of perspective.
Mao performed a triple axel well enough to shatter! Even she made some mistakes on subsequent jumps, she scored high enough. She reformed her FP, and my favorite part in which she takes off running was gone…. But new version was impressive, too.
Mirai-chan was just great.

1. Miki ANDO 201.34 1 1
2. Mao ASADA 196.30 2 2
3. Mirai NAGASU 189.46
In a way, Japanese skaters swept the medals!

Even if you are Japanese and not a figure skating fan, I do highly recommend watching World Championships that will be held next month in Tokyo for you because we'll never have so many talented Japanese skaters at the same time again.

Although I watched great performances at the competition, my highlight of the day was Midori Ito! I saw her after a long interval. She appeared in a TV quiz show, a trashy where-are-they-now show in which one asked to exhibit one's skills before retirement. She asked to perform an axel jump.

She lost weight and is thinner than before. Good. She lives in Kokura, Kyusyu (the third largest island of Japan) and teaches skating to a child. Good.

Forty-one- year-old Midori easily completed a double axel!

I couldn’t find that video on YouTube yet, so I’ll show you her jumps before retirement.
She was the genius of jump of all time. Just watch it. She jumped unbelievably high in that flying distance. Wonderful!



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