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05 2010

Ramen to Finis Up with


Yesterday, I had dinner at my friend’s house in Kawaguchi City (a typical commuter town located on the southern edge of Saitama Prefecture). I enjoyed a conversation and ended up catching the last train.

On the way home from the nearest train station, I suffered a conflict in the mind: whether I would eat ramen (ラーメン, a Japanese noodle dish) or not.

In Japan, it’s common that the final destination after drinking would be a bite to eat ramen. Ramen for a midnight snack, when we are a little hungry after drinking, is soooo delicious. We call it “shime no ramen (締めのラーメン, ramen to finis up with).”

However, it’s also a dangerous behavior, which helps fatten.

It was 1:30 a.m. I hung around the ramen restaurant for a while, mulled and stopped short of eating. Instead, I got low-cal cellophane pot noodles (春雨ヌードル, it was only 104 kilocalories!) at a convenience store. It was enough to have soup with some sort of noodles if it wasn’t a full portion of ramen.


After this, I will cook ramen for dinner!



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