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24 2010

My New Buddy

Finally, I bought a new compact digital camera!

my buddy

Meet my new buddy, Lumix DMC-LX3, released by Panasonic in 2008.

My cousin recommended LX3 when I told him that I was looking for a compact camera that had a bright wide-angle lens because I wanted to shoot in a room without using a flash and tripod.

According to its brochure, “it has the newly developed F2.0 24mm equivalent ultra-wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON lens. The F2.0 lens is about twice as bright as the F2.8 lens. With the new F2.0 lens, the LX3 can shoot at higher shutter speeds and capture stunningly clear, sharp, blur-free images in lower lighting situation.“

My Ricoh Caplio R1v (F3.3, 5-megapixel) is a good camera, but it doesn’t have an image stabilizer to avoid blurring of images.
Since I had a hard time taking pictures inside Kiunkaku (a villa in Atami) last week, the copy on the brochure had remained strong in my thought.

Panasonic no longer produces LX3, and there is a rumor that the company is going to release LX4 this fall.

LX3 comes down in price now.
I had to buy it.

It’s the first time to use a Leica lens though it’s on a compact digital camera.
I'm excited.



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