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26 2010

Seafood BBQ House

I’m in Kushiro (釧路), Hokkaido (北海道) due to the necessity of an unforeseen trip.
I dined on grilled escallops at a restaurant near the port of Kushiro.



I'm just kidding. I’m in Tokyo.
I ran into my childhood friends on the way home yesterday, and we went out for a drink together at a “izakaya (居酒屋: a bar and a restaurant combined)” recently opened in Azabujyuban (麻布十番). We had glasses of draft beer and grilled escallops, squids and slices of salmon using a tabletop barbecue grill.

This seafood BBQ izakaya named “Erakokyu (鰓呼吸: branchial respiration, weird...)" is the fifth location for a restaurant company. It seems like Erakokyu quickly gains popularity among people for its unique style of restaurant and reasonably priced menus.

I like and recommend it, but one caution is needed when you go to this izakaya.
Dress casually.
You will inevitably have a smell of roasting fish.



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