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11 2010

Kinakinw in Florida, doing OK

The conference is going on, but my part is over.
I’m going to stay here two more days to hear someone’s presentation on Wednesday.

The venue is a first-class hotel in the town.


Of course, I’m staying at a budget hotel.

hotel in Florida

Troubles are inseparable from this kind of hotels.
I suddenly couldn’t get connected to the Internet yesterday afternoon in my room, and that state lasted until few hours ago (10 am on the next day). I roughly figured out what was behind it at the beginning. The wireless network of the hotel didn’t assign IP address to my notebook computer, so there should be a problem with a configuration of a modem or router (I was right). I refrain from telling you details about a course of the incident, but it was stressful for me to make hotel stuffs worked on the problem.

Until a while ago, I was thinking to escape from this hotel if an accommodation fee, which I paid in advance, won’t be returned.

So, I’ll go to a shopping mall nearby this afternoon and buy something to forget it all because I may have paid the extra hotel fee. (^▽^)/



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