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05 2010

A Party Style in Tokyo

Mr.Kurimoto's Party 1

My former co-workers and I had a party at one of their house yesterday, and we had a great time.

We seasonally have the party at that house or my house, and in either case, a host is another male member who truly loves cooking. It's like saying that he gives a dinner party at someone’s home. Don't get me wrong. We always like and enjoy his party.

Some Westerners would wonder why he doesn’t do it at his home.
The way I see it, he wants to concentrate on cooking and have fun with an old and trusted. We have no personal acquaintance with his family, so if he does it at home, he has to be attentive to both his family and us.

In Europe and the US, this party style would be absolutely unacceptable to wives. Well, it’s basically the same in Japan. His case is an exception.

Almost everyday he makes meals including lunch boxes for family. I think he prepared a delicious dinner for them before leaving home yesterday.
It’s the product of constant effort that he can sometimes throw this party.



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