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12 2010

Praiseworthy Skater, Daisuke

The Vancouver Olympics bronze medalist in men's figure skating, Daisuke Takahashi will receive the People’s Honor Awards from Okayama Prefecture and Kurashiki City (Yomiuri Online).

Needless to say, he’s been just awesome on the ice. Until few years ago however, he looked young and stupid off the ice. Sorry, Daisuke fans. When he appeared on talk shows, he spoke and laughed foolishly. He was just like a dull student with his mouth half open. I remember watching him on TV and wanting to say “Close your mouth and forget about your hairstyle!”

He went through many hardships since then. Recently he's not only improved his skating skills (except the quad), but also he’s matured as a person and man. I'll be excited because I’ll be able to see his programs again at the world championships in Torino.

The kid has really turned out well.


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