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13 2010

Dear Captain Janeway

One of my superiors at work is a Trekkie. I saw him yesterday and remembered a rumor that he has a huge collection of the Star Trek character figures. The Original Series was broadcasted in Japan from 1969 to 1974, thus he probably saw it with excitement in his teenage.

I’m not interested in this American science fiction entertainment series in general. However I saw many episodes of Star Trek Voyager few years ago on cable TV. So I liked it. Why?

Now I come to think of it. One reason is Voyager’s plot in which the aim of the voyage was to return to Earth. It was unique. I don’t like the ideas such as ‘a bold adventure’ and ‘to go where no man has gone before’, which were typical missions of the series. Not that again. Someone or something might live there peacefully.

The other reason is the appeal of the characters in Voyager. In particular, Captain Kathryn Janeway was superb –strong, highly capable, stay in control, and humane. I’d like to work for her if I had a chance :D. It was nice that the key concept of the characters was a minority or non-mainstreamer: a female captain, aliens, former rebels, and a medical hologram.

I’ve never speculated about the SF drama.
Thank you, Trekkie.

Live long and prosper!


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