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07 2010

Nice to meet you.

Thanks for coming!
Tokyo Notebook is written by Kinakinw, a Japanese woman living in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Purpose of the Blog
Primarily, I’m starting this blog to write something in English for non-work purposes. In my work all documents needed are formal and objective writing such as research papers. I therefore want to write about various topics casually here without much regard for grammar mistakes.
Secondly, I’m hoping nonnative readers of Japanese sense lifestyles and attitudes of ordinary Japanese people in Tokyo through my articles about everyday affairs and topics including food, drink, travel, hot spring, pet, et cetera.

For timesaving, I’d like to give bare essentials of explanations about things unique to Japan if there are referable sites in English. Just run a word in quotations (ex. “sushi”) through search engines. Thank you.

Welcome to Tokyo Notebook! Have Fun!


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