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27 2010


I’m more concerned about my mental condition than that of Mao….

I’ve been under a lot of stress these days and feel that I can no longer put up with a certain situation that I've managed somehow with an effort. Well, I don’t tell you specifically the situation because it’s not a pleasant subject.

I’m going to go somewhere I can relax and cheer myself up before I endup getting mad at people who make the situation.

I'm off! See you later!



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13 2010

Corrections to the Table

I'm embarrassed to say this, but there were errors in the last post but one, “Minimum Requirement for Nobel Laureates.”

The populations of UK, Germany and France should be one digit larger than those in the table. (The Nobel laureates per 1million people were correct.)

I noticed those errors by Hayden’s comment about the populations….
My goodness!

Former Table
Nobel Laureates

New Table
Nobel Laureates2

I corrected the table in the post.
I'm awfully sorry about that.

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20 2010


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10 2010


Now it's summer vacation season, and Narita Airport isn't as crowded as I expected.

This time, I can travel nonstop to a destination.
Lucky me!


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25 2010

Somewhere in Osaka

It's cooler than the inner city area.


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24 2010

Posting Practice via Movie Phone -Third time Lucky-

I got off work an hour ago and headed off to Tokyo station.
I'm going to Osaka for a business trip by Shinkansen bullet train.

I tried to post a photo twice via my mobile phone but couldn't put it in the right direction....
Will I be any good this time?


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15 2010

Posting Practice via Movie Phone -Second Challenge-

I'm going on an overnight trip to a nearby hot spring with my best friend.

Tokyo station is crowded with hundreds of rush hour commuters.
Everybody, Keep up the good work!

We've got two days off, so we set out on a MIND detoxification journey.


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